Irlen Syndrome and computers

People with Irlen syndrome often experience difficulties when using computers for long periods.

Irlen lenses removed the visual stress and made it easier to do computer work.


This young girl has struggled with her reading all through primary school

This young girl has struggled with her reading all through primary school. She has not been able to practise reading,

as she has not been able to see the words clearly. Now in her first year at high school, she will be able to practise and

get better at reading, because with her Irlen lenses, the words look clearer for her now.


A teenager reading with and without coloured lenses

This teenager has been struggling with all schoolwork despite trying really hard in everything she does.

Her struggles are the result of her having difficulty reading from a very young age and nobody being able

to identify why. Eventually, she came to the Irlen Clinic and was diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome and her reading 

fluency increased immediately. She is much more confident now in her ability to read.


Chelsea – Coffs Harbour NSW

The Irlen lenses with the optical prescription have made a priceless change in my everyday life and educational activities.

In TAFE it is so much easier watching and reading the PowerPoint’s during our tutorials, the projector isn’t

moving as much and I have only had one headache reading from the text book in business studies. Everything is easier to take in.


I was waiting in the car park at the shopping centre the other night. The car park seemed to be flashing with all its

colourful lights and all the cars were driving past with headlights on. I was looking around with my lensese on and everything was fine.

I could read the advert in the digital sign. I decided to take the glasses off to compare, and straight away everything was really bright

and covered in hallows. Everything looked much more hectic, all the lights were glowing, it was a lot more to take in and I could barely

make out what the sign had changed to.


Rosie C – Victoria

My Irlen lenses are going fan-bloody-tastic! My exams went brilliantly: I managed 91% in Primary Industries which equates

to a band 6! Everthing has changed since Irlen lenses! I can now read comfortably. I remember more, it doesn’t hurt me to read.

I can drive better. I have more balance and sense of direction, my headaches have lessend, my eyes aren’t as dry, I can actually

look at a grid book without wanting to burn it and I can read graphs straight across without mixing rows or columns!


I literally have no idea how I lived before these lenses, they have just made my life 100% better in all kinds of ways. I don’t avoid

school now, in fact I haven’t skipped a day this term. Words cannot describe how much of a difference they have made to my life.

I feel like I can actually live now! I feel my performance at school and in things like junior sheep judging has significantly improved,

to the point where I believe that without them I wouldn’t have placed Reserve Champion at this year’s Australasian National Final

if it wasn’t for these Irlen lenses!


Thank you so much for diagnosing me Bec. after all the doctors’ appointments and brain scans and years of illness and pain to

finally know what’s wrong is a blessing, and I don’t know what I would do without my lenses!

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